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Friday , February , 23 2018

Updated: 2/12/17

The 2017 CSC Mini Golf Tour

The eighth year of the Club's summer-long Mini-Golf tour is here!.

With your top 6 scores of 12 rounds being counted, you can come to as little as 6 events, or attend more to increase your ranking. We have two types of events:

  • Last Wednesday evening of each month, April, May, June, July, August & September;
  • Saturday and Sunday excursion events, May, June, and July (6 rounds at 3 events).

 There is also a "Preseason" event March 29 (no CSC fee and no medals - not counted in standings)

Full schedule (dates, times, venues, rules) for the 2017 Tour (PDF file)

The tour is open to anyone of any ability. The cost is your playing fees at each venue, plus a one-time fee of $8. Occasional players can pay a $2 fee per round (repeatedly), and are eligible for round medals but not season trophies. At any future event, pay the difference to $8 to join in full, but previous scores won't count in season standings. First-timers can play one time only for for no CSC fee to see how much fun we have (but not eligible for awards and will not count in standings). The events are much more social and fun than competitive, and we always have an optional drinks/food get-together after each event.

Dressing like a golf pro will pick you up bonus points at the penultimate event of the year. Holes-in-One and Double-Desmonds also score bonus points that all count towards your tour score. Also, 6 events feature power-ups to spice up the fun!

Bring your friends, or come out and make new friends. No need to sign up in advance, just show up! Come join us!

Scott D. (commissioner) and Diane M. (treasurer)


 2016 Winners

                                      2016 Winners: Mark, Gary and Chris                                                                                                                                         Come join the fun